Synthetic Playing Surfaces

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Synthetic Surface Construction

Bourne Sport have a wealth of experience in the construction of artificial playing surfaces. From Multi Use Games Areas to full 3G pitches, we can tailor the build to match your budget and provide you with an all year round facility.


A porous rubberised outdoor surface used predominantly for athletics tracks and multi-use games areas, ideal for 5 a-side football, netball, basketball and tennis.

Artificial Grass

3rd generation pitches manufactured with polypropylene fibres. Laid on porous macadam bases, with or without shock pads, they are typically used for rugby, football and hockey.

Porous Macadam

With their low maintenance requirements, long durability and relatively low installation cost, these surfaces can be coated with water based acrylic or polyurethane paint and can be adapted to many different sports requirements.

Cricket Carpets

We are a licensed distributor of Verde Sports (Cricket) Ltd and able to offer their complete range of synthetic turf cricket facilities including ECB approved systems, all constructed in accordance with strict quality guidelines and procedures.

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Synthetic Surface Maintenance

Proper maintenance of your artificial facility can virtually double the lifespan of the surface/carpet. We offer a full range of cleaning and brushing services that come as part of a construction package and/or a one off treatment.

3G Pitches

Regular Brushing

Redistributes the fill (sand or rubber) evenly over the surface and stands up the pile.

Deep Cleaning

Vacuums the sand or rubber from the top of the pile, passes it through a sieve and returns it the the surface, removing all the debris that normally accumulates.

Extreme Clean

For more challenging situations, a series of counter-rotating brushes will vigorously remove debris from the surface, to be picked up by the deep cleaner.

Moss & Algae Removal

Chemical treatment of the surface with approved products and licenced operators.

Carpet Repair

Splits and tears can be professionally repaired at short notice.

Polymeric & Macadam Surfaces

Moss & Algae Removal

The main reason for moss and algal attack is predominantly down to poor maintenance and lack of effective cultural practices coupled with environmental and location factors that stimulate moss and algal growth (wet, damp, humid conditions and poor airflow, poor sunlight and poor drainage). We offer chemical treatment of the surface with approved products and licenced operators.

Line Marking

We stock and apply a range of professional line marking paint for both natural and synthetic turf as well as hard surface line marking paint and aerosol line marking paint.

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Associated Services

Sometimes on-site grounds maintenance staff for whatever reason are unable to carry out all their duties. We can provide staff at short notice to carry out all the regular jobs, as part of our grounds maintenance service.

Additionally, we can look after the installation of rugby and football posts, regular or one-off line marking on football pitches, tennis courts and any other playing surfaces, as well as perimeter works such as tree and shrub planting, fencing and footpaths.