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Natural Surface

Dukes Meadow

Sevenoaks School - Sevenoaks, Kent

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Methods Used

  • Remove topsoil
  • Grade and level subsoil
  • Return topsoil
  • Make embankments
  • Primary drainage
  • Incorporate sand
  • Prepare for seeding
  • Fertilisation
  • Seeding
  • Posts
  • Secondary drainage
  • Sand dressing

Project Description

Bourne Sport were commissioned by Sevenoaks School to remodel the playing fields at the school's Dukes Meadow estate. The project, split into 2 phases, involved extensive earthworks and levelling to the pitches DM4, DM5 & DM6. With the aid of laser guided earthmoving equipment we were able to strip the topsoil, move, level the subsoil, replace and trim the top soil in a short time period.

The scheme for the natural turf pitches also included the amelioration of the soil with a medium washed sand, the installation of a primary drainage system, seed bed preparation and seeding. Early stage establishment maintenance was provided to ensure a healthy sward was achieved.

Once the grass had established, we returned to install a secondary drainage scheme, using our Blec Vibrasand sandmaster.

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